Published: 2014

Author: Bruce Sylvester

LIGHTHOUSE Moody Maracas (CD)*****

A Swedish duo, Lighthouse has plenty of Scandinavian angst, while the mood, accents and sound are solid Americana with elements of ’70s rock. Take the strong opener, “Passing Me By” on a crumbling relationship. It could almost step off Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” as golden soprano Linda Brandemark trades lines back and forth with gritty-toned Mats Brandemark
They’ve got a knack for hooks. Take the fusion of optimism and sad wisdom of “The darkness hides behind the sun. It’s up to you,” that could well fit Marianne Faithfull. The finale, “Memories,” shows that (like big Mac did on side 1 of the “Rumours” LP) they know how to ease a collection down to its close. And when a single line on “As Good as It Gets” goes from Barcelona to New Hampshire, we realize how global rock has become.