We are so happy about the many positive reviews on our new album as well as airplay in Australia, UK, US and Europe!

“A wild concept album that captures the best of all the driving folk/rock you ever loved, you have to wonder how these contemporary cats found such hippie vibes in their psyches.” (Midwest Records, 13/5-17)

“All eleven songs are catchy and by turns melancholic, thoughtful or joyously rocking; the set itself is definitely recommended.” (Flying Shoes Review, 24/4-17- by Norman John Darwen (Scotland)

“Ett starkt låtmaterial har genom en snygg och varierad produktion blivit ett album som står sig bra oavsett vad man jämför det med.” (Ergo, 5/5-17, Andreas Jakobsson) ” We are truly impressed with the way they have captured the essence of a true American musical genre, and made it their own.” (La Music Critic, 5/5-17)

“With “Silence In The City,” Linda and Mats of Lighthouse Sweden know that life is a journey and not a sprint. Their clever, heartfelt, and unique looks at love from both sides make this set the perfect soundtrack for lovers everywhere!” (Donald & Sheryl’s Blues Blog, 15/5-17)